Sinner's Song (Spring, 2002)

I'm tripping over kids' toys,

stepping in something someone spilled on the floor,

watching the dishes and laundry pile up:

no matter how much I wash them, there's always more.

The big kids are fighting and the babies are crying

when I take a break and turn on the news:

countries torn up and families going without

I feel ashamed for singing my blues.

And I say....

Thank God my kids have those toys.

Thank God they've got stuff to spill on the floor.

Thank God there's food for our dishes.

Thank God for that laundry; may there always be more!

And thank you God, that you've always loved me

through every sigh and every complaint.

Lord you know I'm a sinner.

Jesus, make me a saint.

Lord, you know I'm a sinner. Sweet Jesus, please make me a saint.

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