Retreats & Workshops

With a bachelor's degree in education and a master's degree in theology, Sara enjoys facilitating retreats and workshops on a variety of topics regarding faith and family. Churches and women's groups value Sara's knowledge, skills and enthusiasm for the faith.

Examples include:

Sara also offers lectures on the treasures of the faith.  Video samples are available as well as reviews


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See what participants had to say:

Sara is so gifted in presenting theology and love for God in such a way that is easy to comprehend and inspires those who hear her to love God with just as much passion. Her use of humor, application to the present, and reverence makes those around her see God's presence that much more in our daily lives.

Christina B., Sacred Heart (Plano, TX), Women and Staff Retreat Coordinator

Outside of an obvious Love of Jesus, His mother and His Church, Sara has a super combination of skills/personality traits which make for an awesome retreat day speaker! She brings the wisdom of age and motherhood, a great sense of humor and ability to laugh at herself, a down-to-earth aura, knowledge of the Faith that she speaks well to, and evidence of fruits of a devotional life, which is all tied up nicely with a bow of sanguine sincerity. She was well-organized, worked the room well, and kept to the schedule. Enjoyed the day!

Kathi B., St. Mark's (Plano, TX)

Sara led a wonderful, motivating New Year retreat for us. It was just what I needed to recharge and focus on a fresh start at tackling my goals. She had many insightful scripture reflections and examples of implication into daily life. I now feel more energized and capable at reaching some personal spiritual goals I have set.

Cindy S., St Michael Parish

You gave a fantastic talk! We would love to have you again. 

Brandy H. ARCH Board Member

You have motivated and renewed my love of homeschooling my two kids, come what may!

Maria R., Helen Catholic Church (Pearland, TX)

Thank you Sara Beth Meyer for leading us ever more deeply into the Sacred Heart of Jesus!! May His Name be Praised!!!!

-Amy B, Atascocita, TX

I love how you teach with such knowledge and conviction but with so much love!! Thank you!

-Dee Anna G., St. Anne's Sodality