Considering the Catechism

Catechism Classes

Sara gives two-hour lectures on each of the four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. This is what participants have to say:

Listening to Sara breaking down the points of the Catechism I am struck by it's sublimity. Not only does she make it understandable to the layman, she makes it palatable and beautiful, just as truth ought to be! - Amy Bridwell

I love the way she explains and makes it all fit together. I love hearing her speak.

Shelly Hyatt, St. Martha's Parishioner

​I wish to express that I was truly impressed with the session by Sara Meyer and she highlighted the importance to know more about our faith and the Catholic Church. Her knowledge and personality kept your interest throughout the session and time seemed so short.

Linda Coronado, St. Martha parishioner

I applaud you for being passionate, knowledgeable, and confident. Love and prayers for continued success.

Gloria Gamez, St. Martha parishioner

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